Why Mediating Works?

MW offers experienced professional legal and business Mediators and Arbitrators who carry accreditation and PI insurance.

The benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution:

Because Alternative Dispute Resolution is usually a voluntary process it ensures:

  • maximum flexibility for parties to agree to use it and decide which approach best suits their dispute and their needs avoiding the need to go to court;
  • speed and efficiency in the appointment of an expert and impartial mediator, arbitrator or facilitator; 
  • early intervention and reduction in delays and counteracts delaying tactics; 
  • less antagonism. Parties are most likely to reach a reasoned and undisputed outcome;
  • it will not affect your legal rights and all negotiations are without prejudice;
  • the courts look favourably upon parties that have attempted to resolve their dispute before resorting to court action;
  • substantial savings in terms of costs and legal fees;
  • the opportunity to save a working business relationship.

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