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“The Central Quality of Mediation lies in its capacity to reorientate the parties toward each other, not by imposing rules on them but by helping them to achieve a new and shared perception of their relationship, a perception that will redirect their attitudes toward one another.” (Riskin 1994)

Through the Mediating Works network of professional dispute resolution practitioners we are able to offer:

trusted HR Consultancy and occupational psychology services
dispute resolution in the workplace seminars and training
advice and guidance on current disputes in your workplace 
accredited and experienced workplace mediators typically with CIPD membership 
assistance with drafting and negotiating compromise agreements

MW is pleased to work with Eden HR Consulting

It is essential to pre-empt the need for Mediation and recognise the signs of a potential workplace grievance or dispute.  Workplace disputes are costly and wasteful for employers and stressful for employees.  By understanding the motivations and needs of your staff it is possible to avoid conflict that distracts employees and managers from focussing on their role and making it and your business a success.  Mediation facilitates closure on negative emotions.  The key is to prevent the conflicts occurring in the first place.  The full benefit of early intervention in-house enables a clear demonstration of good practice and duty of care.

The Government wants to embed Mediation within the resolution of workplace disputes and says it will work with the mediation industry to achieve this.

Miscellaneous changes to legislation to support employers

Introduction of employment tribunal fees

Where an employer loses a tribunal claim there will be a new power for tribunals to order an additional financial penalty which will be payable to the Exchequer, not the claimant. Where an award has been made in favour of the claimant the financial penalty will be half of t… Click to read more

Unfair Dismissal

The qualifying period for bringing a claim of unfair dismissal will rise from 12 months to two years.… Click to read more

Compromise agreements

Compromise agreements will be re-named ‘settlement agreements’.The Government will work on developing a model text for compromise agreements andassociated guidance. Some legal advice would still be required by individuals, but it is hoped this will be less than at present hence reducing time… Click to read more

Protected conversations

Currently, the without prejudice rule only works to keep ‘off the record’ conversations out of the employment tribunal if there is already a tangible dispute between the parties. Some responses to the consultation suggested that if any party could initiate early conversations about say… Click to read more

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