Fee structure

Unless otherwise stated all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. We are currently not VAT registered. The fee structure depends in some part on the complexity of the case and the number of parties involved. Fees will always be discussed openly and agreed between the parties and MW before the outset of any dispute resolution process.

Expert Determination Online decision: £1750 plus disbursements
Simple Online Neutral Expert Case Evaluation (3 hours or less): £650 plus disbursements
Complex Online Neutral Expert Case Evaluation (more than 3 hours): £250 an hour plus disbursements
Paper Based Arbitration Starting from £1450 plus disbursements
Face to Face Mediation £1600 a day or £900 for half a day exclusive of Mediator’s expenses and any disbursements
On-Line Mediation (maximum 30 days) Starting from £1450 plus disbursements
On-Line Adjudication (usually 28 days) Starting from £1550 plus disbursements
Facilitated Negotiation £1450 a day exclusive of Negotiator’s expenses and any disbursements in person or on-line

Online decisions will not be released until payment is received from all parties. A copy of our terms of business will be provided prior to entering into any agreement with Mediating Works and will be drafted so as to be specific to your dispute.

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