Mediating Works offers a flexible and straightforward method of both preventing and settling a variety of business issues and disputes.

This service is suitable for business owners, directors, shareholders, managers and trustees.

How do we help prevent a dispute? We recognise that time spent planning for the worst case scenarios helps to head them off at the pass.  We specialise in facilitating the discussions that are needed early on and getting the agreement in writing. Additionally we help companies plan their internal conflict resolution strategies.

How do we help to settle a dispute? Why wait 6-12 months for lawyers to litigate by letter at hourly rates, or a judicial decision on your dispute that is out of your hands and comes with costs implications?

Where business, money and personal anxiety are concerned you want the result to be fair, final and conclusive. We have a track record of facilitating flexible, fast and confidential dispute resolution solutions for organisations of every size and complexity.

Mediating Works with its business and legal experience also offers an on-line dispute resolution and facilitated negotiation service.  This brings our already successful service into your office securely and confidentially. This service saves you even more time, energy and expense.

We don’t unnecessarily formalise dispute resolution because we recognise that no one formula fits all scenarios. We believe that it is possible to Settle for More because Mediating Works.

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