What is the chance of success?

The rate of success for those undertaking Mediation is very high with an 87% success rate. Typically a settlement agreement is signed on conclusion of the Mediation. Although the Mediation itself need not be binding, the settlement agreement once signed is a binding document.  You will be asked from the start whether you have authority to sign any such settlement ensuring closure with authority.  Under the new CPR 78.24, where all the parties to a mediation settlement agree that it should be made enforceable, they (or one of them) may apply to the court for a mediation settlement enforcement order. Under the EU Cross-Border Mediation Directive such an order may then recognised and enforceable in all other member states in accordance with the Brussels Regulation (44/2001).
Where Mediation does not produce a result on the day it is not unusual for an agreement to be reached shortly after the day based upon what has come out during the Mediation process.
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