What does the mediator actually do?

A mediator is an independent and neutral facilitator who will help resolve a variety of commercial, contract and negligence disputes and in employment situations disciplinary or grievance issues by examining the symptoms of and motivations for conflict.  The Mediator initially receives from the parties’ short summaries and perhaps some evidence regarding the dispute and then calls each party before the hearing to introduce him/herself. At the Mediation the Mediator begins by getting both parties to explain their case.  In private sessions each party is helped by the Mediator to explore the strengths and weaknesses of their case, the facts and issues most important to you.  The Mediator will help individuals to understand their needs, each other’s viewpoints, explore options and facilitate an agreed solution to their issues.  Only where a party agrees will the Mediator carry information across to the other party. The Mediator works through the process to assist parties to identify possible solutions that might lead to an agreement which can be drawn up and signed on the day and can enable a positive framework for a working relationship in the future. 

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