How does arbitration work?

MW offers a simple and relatively inexpensive method of settling disputes by the appointment from our panel of appropriately chosen Independent Arbitrators to examine the facts and give a ruling from the documents you provide without the necessity of a personal appearance, quickly, without too much formality and without resorting to expensive litigation where you lose control of the outcome and goodwill between the parties is lost.

A centrally co-ordinated administrative process ensures a consistent, speedy, and efficient and stress free delivery of your dispute resolution service with ongoing support.

Your Arbitrator or Mediator will make a considered finding of fact from the documents you provide without the necessity of a personal appearance and is binding on both parties.   

Should a full mediation be required with the parties present we will make those arrangements with you after a full discussion and analysis of the case and the parties’ needs.

Any award (as decisions are called) made under this arbitration scheme is subject to the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996 and is binding and enforceable as awards are under other established schemes unless there is any appeal process identified in the contract under which you approach arbitration initially.
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